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10 wonderful effects of freeze-dried cordyceps

Freeze-dried cordyceps can be preserved for up to 36 months and helps prevent diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular, liver, lung,...

Freeze drying is a method that helps cordyceps preserve for a long time and retain maximum nutritional content compared to fresh cordyceps. With the effects of freeze-dried cordyceps, users can process this rare mushroom into many different dishes. You can learn more information about the effects of freeze-dried cordyceps through the article below.

I. Introduction to freeze-dried cordyceps

1.1. What is freeze-dried Cordyceps?

Freeze-dried cordyceps is a state in which the water in fresh cordyceps is separated as a solid and immediately converted to vapor under low temperature conditions. Because they do not go through the liquefaction stage, freeze-dried cordyceps will retain maximum medicinal content.

1.2. Process of making freeze-dried cordyceps

To implement the freeze drying technique, manufacturers must invest in modern and expensive equipment. Normally, the process of making freeze-dried cordyceps will go through the following 4 stages:

Stage 1: Processing fresh cordyceps

After being cultivated for at least 55 days, cordyceps will be strictly inspected to remove mold and damaged cordyceps to ensure medicinal properties, color and fruit body size. For standard cordyceps, the base will be cut off, and the remaining fruit body will be cut into strands.

Stage 2: Freezing cordyceps

After processing, the mycelium will be placed in trays and put into a freezing chamber at very low temperatures with the purpose of freezing the solvent in the cordyceps and converting it to a solid state. At this time, manufacturers need to pay special attention to the power source and ensure the appropriate temperature to avoid causing damage to the product.

Stage 3: Sublimation of cordyceps

The solvent portion frozen in the previous stage will be "sublimated" in a vacuum environment with low pressure. At this time, the ice crystals will be evaporated into gas without going through the liquefaction stage; This is the advantage that helps cordyceps retain its rare nutritional content. At the end of stage 3, about 90% of the moisture in cordyceps will be eliminated.

Stage 4: Dehumidify cordyceps

Entering stage 4, the remaining moisture in the cordyceps will be completely dried under gradually increasing temperature conditions. At this time, the nutrient content, color, and size of the mushroom mycelium remain intact as before.

Stage 5: Product packaging

After drying, the cordyceps will be classified for size, checked again and carefully packaged so that the freeze-dried cordyceps are well preserved.

1.3. Advantages of freeze-dried cordyceps

Fresh Cordyceps has a short shelf life and is difficult to preserve; If not stored properly, cordyceps can produce toxins and harm the user. Therefore, manufacturers today often use methods such as hot drying, cold drying, sublimation drying, etc. to preserve products.

In fact, hot and cold drying will often deform the cordyceps and reduce the quality of the product. Therefore, reputable brands often supply the market with freeze-dried cordyceps because the effects of freeze-dried cordyceps are as follows:

Freeze-dried cordyceps can be preserved for 12-36 months

90-99% of the medicinal content will be retained compared to fresh cordyceps

The product is not moldy or damaged during transportation to the user

In addition, freeze-dried cordyceps requires manufacturers to spend a lot of money because the drying time can be up to 35 hours, causing high electricity consumption and equipment for this method is very expensive. On the contrary, freeze-dried cordyceps will bring superior benefits to users.


II. Effects of freeze-dried cordyceps on health

2.1. Nutritional value of freeze-dried cordyceps

The rarity of cordyceps is determined by the two medicinal properties cordycepin and adenosine because they have the ability to protect the heart and prevent cancer, but there are no plants or mushrooms that contain these two types.

In addition, Cordyceps also contains about 17-19 different types of amino acids and many groups of vitamins with the ability to treat many other human diseases. Cordyceps when sublimated can retain up to 99% of nutrients.

2.2. Effects of freeze-dried cordyceps

Thanks to the above excellent nutrient content, freeze-dried cordyceps can bring superior benefits to consumers such as:

Inhibits cancer cells, supports effective cancer prevention and treatment

Eliminates liver toxins, enhances liver function and supports the treatment of liver diseases such as fatty liver,...

Kidney tonic, suitable for people with impaired kidney function, diseases such as nocturia, frequent urination,...

Helps stabilize rhythm