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Cordyceps Red Ginseng: A smart choice for health

Cordyceps Red Ginseng: A smart choice for health

More and more consumers are interested in products containing extracts from cordyceps and ginseng. Therefore, on the market today there are countless Cordyceps products from many brands. Among them, whether Dong Thao Nam's Cordyceps Red Ginseng product is good or not is a concern of many people. See the article below to learn about this product!

Information about Cordyceps red ginseng of Dong Thao Nam

The product is researched, responsible for quality and distribution by Dong Thao Nam Co., Ltd. and manufactured at Nature Hoa Binh Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company. Cordyceps Hong Sam was born and won the trust of Vietnamese consumers. This is one of the products that has good health effects, not only providing the body with necessary nutrients for those who need to improve their health, but also helping to prevent fatigue, improve alertness and clarity. For people who work under stress, high-intensity labor, etc. The product is also suitable for many types of users such as the elderly, office workers, construction workers, students, etc.

Cordyceps Red Ginseng - Smart choice for health

People who have never used or heard of the product often ask: "What are the main ingredients and uses of the product?". To get the answer to this interesting question, let's take a look with Dong Thao Nam at the main information in the announcement dossier issued by the Food Safety Department and transparent on the product packaging.

2.1. Ingredient

Reading the name of the product, it will be easy to see that there are two main ingredients, which are: Red Ginseng and Cordyceps. In addition, the product contains many other medicinal herbs such as Polyscias fruticosa, Lingzhi, Dang ginseng, Polyscias fruticosa, Taurine,...

Red Ginseng: This medicinal herb has the ability to prevent cell oxidation many times better than many other medicinal herbs, thereby slowing down the aging process. In addition, Red Ginseng also enhances blood circulation, prevents platelet aggregation, improves cardiovascular health, and improves memory. Enhances the body's immune function, supporting symptoms of fatigue and depression. body weakness, improving some diseases related to blood pressure and liver. Red Ginseng also has excellent anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Cordyceps: is a medicinal herb cultured according to technological processes at Dong Thao Nam company. Main effects of cordyceps: Reduce fatigue and enhance recovery, quickly improve body weakness, resistance and immune system are enhanced, brain function is improved significantly, inhibits agents that cause cancer and helps protect the liver, kidneys,...

The ingredients Polyscias fruticosa, Ganoderma lucidum, Dang ginseng, Polyscias fruticosa, Taurine are also the top precious medicinal herbs in health care, improving bone and joint flexibility, increasing resistance, enhancing the immune system, stabilize blood sugar and blood pressure,... With the above mentioned great uses, the product has been winning the trust of Vietnamese consumers. When using, you do not need to worry and can be completely assured of the quality because the product meets the standards of the National Institute for Food Safety and Hygiene Testing.

2.2. Convenient design

Red Ginseng Cordyceps has a very prominent red and yellow package design. The product is produced in fine powder form, easily soluble in water. With this design, it will help consumers conveniently carry it anywhere and use it regularly anywhere.

You can use 2-4 packets a day, divided into 2 doses to bring the most effective results!

2.3. Feelings when using Cordyceps Red Ginseng

In fact, most people are afraid to use medicine, especially Oriental medicine because it takes a lot of time to cook, decoct, etc. Therefore, from a psychological and medical perspective, Cordyceps red ginseng is the main ingredient. is the perfect combination of traditional medicine and convenience to suit everyone's needs to improve the effectiveness of disease prevention and treatment. If you are still looking for a product to help restore health, eat well, calm the mind, reduce stress, fight fatigue... then don't miss Red Ginseng Cordyceps. The product received extremely positive feedback from consumers and health experts.

Receiving obvious results immediately after use, so most users give positive reviews about the product.


Red Ginseng Cordyceps is a right choice for those who want to improve their health and are struggling to know which functional foods to use! If you need to buy health care products, please immediately contact Dong Thao Nam Co., Ltd. - A supplier of quality and genuine health care products at prices suitable for workers.