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Effects of Glutathione in Treating Dark Spots and Melasma

Melasma is always a problem that not only women but also men encounter. Melasma often severely affects the aesthetics of the face. To restore smooth skin without dark spots, many women often look for products with the active ingredient Glutathione. So what are the effects of this active ingredient, is it safe and effective? Let's find out with Dong Thao Nam through the article below! 

  1. What is Glutathione?

    Glutathione is a substance naturally produced by the liver. It is also found in fruits, vegetables and meat. This is an endogenous tripeptide, considered a reserve of antioxidants, occurring in all animal cells and synthesized from the cell using 3 amines, including cysteine, glutamic and glycine. All are created in the liver and then present throughout the body.

    In the body, Glutathione plays an extremely important role in antioxidants because every cell needs glutathione to function healthily. However, due to aging, natural glutathione production will gradually decrease over time and you need to supplement glutathione to help your cells function strongly again.

    Glutathione is also present in many skin care cosmetics, especially for treating melasma and freckles. However, supplementing Glutathione orally is the functional food pill that achieves the highest results.

    2. Uses of Glutathione for the skin

    2.1. Prevents signs of aging

    Being a strong antioxidant with the ability to neutralize free radicals, Glutathione helps slow down the body's aging processes effectively. According to studies, when you turn 30 years old, the amount of glutathione your body produces will gradually decrease. Therefore, the aging stages occur more strongly and clearly.

    Many other research results also show that GHS helps prevent and repair cells showing signs of oxidative damage. This is also the leading cause of age and aging problems.

    2.2. Whitens skin, brightens skin

    Glutathione is famous for its ability to reduce skin pigmentation. This active ingredient is always in the spotlight for brightening the skin and increasing skin luminosity, when used in topical or any other form.

    Another mechanism of Glutathione is to reduce hyperpigmentation and fade dark spots by stimulating the pheomelanin pathway. Glutathione converts melanin to pheomelanin, thereby regulating melanogenesis with or without sun exposure. Thanks to that, Glutathione prevents free radicals and peroxides, reducing the activation of Tyrosinase to form melanin.

    2.3. Helps the skin detoxify and regenerate the skin

    Glutathione supports the detoxification process at the cellular level, and is like a "magnet" that attracts all toxic substances, free radicals, heavy metals (found in the food we eat every day, pollution). in the air, cosmetics and many other hazards) out of the body.

    Glutathione helps slow down the degeneration of cells, helping to prevent organ and skin aging. Therefore, to prevent skin aging, dermatologists recommend that women choose products containing L-Glutathione to maintain youthful and vibrant skin.

    3. Glutathione dietary supplements

    The body needs large amounts of Glutathione to meet the needs of skin regeneration, especially when exposed to toxic effects from the environment. When there is a Glutathione deficiency, there are no oxidants to act and inhibit the production of melanin. The skin has many freckles, melasma, or dark spots.

    Glutathione supplement pills are a superior study, helping to solve deficiencies in the body. Through L-Glutathione form, the body can easily absorb Glutathione found in functional foods.

    Obviously, supplementing Glutathione properly is completely safe for health. Women do not need to worry that they inhibit the liver's own production of Glutathione. At the same time, this product also effectively promotes and stabilizes the role of Glutathione in the body.

    4. Gluta Brightskin skin whitening pills

    Currently on the market there are countless glutathione products to treat melasma, but finding a quality product is extremely difficult for beauty enthusiasts. However, you don't need to worry too much because we will bring a natural, benign glutathione product from Dong Thao Nam.

    Gluta Brightskin is formulated from natural, high-quality, benign ingredients. The product has outstanding uses such as whitening the skin, supporting the removal of toxins from the body, enhancing metabolism, anti-oxidation, and helping the skin become smooth and shiny. Therefore, women have trusted and chosen Gluta BrightSkin with the ingredient glutathione that has the effect of treating melasma from Dong Thao Nam and received results beyond their expectations.

    In particular, Dong Thao Nam's Gluta BrightSkin skin whitening pills are also cheaper than other products on the market by taking advantage of natural herbs in Vietnam.

Glutathione is an effective skin whitening and anti-oxidant active ingredient, promising to help users easily "change white from black" for their long-term dry, dull, and dull skin in the most obvious way after just a short period of time. short time. Hopefully this article can help you understand more about this active ingredient as well as better understand the product Gluta BrightSkin!

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