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Gluta BrightSkin Pill - removes dark spots and whitens the whole body

Gluta BrightSkin Pill - removes dark spots and whitens the whole body

Bright, smooth, white skin is always a dream that every woman wants to have. However, every day our skin is affected by many problems: external environment, diet, rest, poor quality and inappropriate skin care products... . causes the skin to become dull and dark. Containing the skin-brightening active ingredient Glutathione and other natural extracts, Gluta BightSkin skin whitening pills are a product line recommended by dermatologists for removing dark spots and beautifying the body's skin. Join Dong Thao Nam to learn more about the product line that is known as the key to perfecting all skin types!

Gluta BrightSkin product, the pinnacle of the Vietnamese brand

Gluta BrightSkin is a skin whitening pill product distributed by Dong Thao Nam Company Limited. This is a product line that many customers are interested in because of its exclusive formula, the ability to treat melasma in a short time, improve hyperpigmentation and anti-oxidation, effectively preventing skin aging. Effectively, quickly changes skin to bright white with radiant youthfulness and integrated sun protection in just one Gluta BrightSkin product. The skin is nourished safely and sustainably with ingredients extracted entirely from nature, with high medicinal content, ensuring good health and especially friendly to the environment. The company not only focuses on product quality but also cares about outer packaging. Each product has a separate, unique design, suitable for each customer.

Talking about Gluta BrightSkin skin whitening pills, you can rest assured about the quality and suitability for a variety of skin types because the product has been strictly tested and fully certified to GMP (WHO) standards.

Gluta BrightSkin's "premium" ingredient list

The name of the skin whitening product Gluta BrghtSkin immediately shows the prominence of the ingredient Glutathione. This is the warrior that protects cells, eliminates toxins and heavy metals from the body, is the key to eliminating dark spots, freckles, and delaying signs of aging through neutralizing free radicals. Therefore, it helps "rejuvenate" the skin and pleases women.

The Glutathione ingredient in a box of Gluta BrightSkin whitening pills is up to 9000mg, a concentration many times higher than other products with the same use, thanks to which it quickly affects the entire body's skin, penetrating deeply. inside the epidermis, strongly dislodges melasma and prevents melasma from returning after treatments. In addition, Glutathione also has positive effects on the health of people with diseases related to the immune system, liver, kidneys, diabetes,...

In each Gluta BrightSkin skin whitening pill, there is also a combination of dozens of precious herbal ingredients such as: Cordyceps sinensis, ginseng, dong quai, geranium, astragalus, etc. These are the ingredients that are saved. transmitted in traditional remedies for blood nourishment and beauty in traditional medicine. The "premium" ingredient list also includes many herbal extracts specifically specialized for skin care such as:

Aloe vera: provides water, replenishes moisture, and moisturizes the skin. At the same time, with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it can help heal and treat dark spots caused by acne. Along with that, it is effective in preventing and limiting acne.

Macadamia root extract helps reduce brown spots on the skin, moisturizes and also improves aging.

Extracted from ferns: Ferns help prevent sun damage and skin inflammation caused by UV rays, and support the regeneration of bright skin pigmentation.

Fenugreek extract: This herb is rich in niacin, vitamin B3,... helps heal damaged skin cells and regenerate new skin cells effectively, in addition to helping to remove crow's feet, age spots, reducing deep wrinkles,...

Hyaluronic acid: Provides moisture to make skin super soft, plump and more radiant than any photo editing filter. Ensures skin is sufficiently hydrated, reduces wrinkles despite deep wrinkles, prevents skin aging, and preserves the youthfulness of the skin.

On the market today, very few beauty pills contain a mixture of herbal extracts, instead they are synthetic vitamins and some chemical ingredients. Therefore, to choose highly safe skin whitening pills, women should look for products with ingredients extracted from herbs, helping to care from the inside out, from blood to blood. skin at its best. Prevents dark spots, melasma, aging and skin cancer, nourishes healthy, smooth skin. Protects body health and skin health sustainably and long-term.

Gluta BrightSkin is suitable for many subjects

According to the manufacturer's instructions, most adult women can use Dong Thao Nam's skin whitening tablets to treat melasma, with the best effectiveness for:

Women are entering the skin aging stage after age 25.

Middle-aged women have hormonal disorders that cause melasma.

The skin is subjected to many external influences such as sun, wind, dust, and blue light from electronic devices.

For people looking for a safe and highly effective melasma treatment and skin whitening product.

However, the following special subjects should consider when using Gluta BrightSkin:

Children under 18 years old

People who are allergic to ingredients in the product..

Gluta BrightSkin – simple and easy to use

Women can use Gluta BrightSkin skin whitening pills daily by:

Take 2 times a day, 1 pill each time

Should be taken 30 minutes to 1 hour before or after eating.

Combine with Vitamin C to improve absorption efficiency

Gluta BrightSkin – A place to give women's trust

All the values that Gluta BrightSkin skin whitening pills bring to women have been proven through the "premium" ingredient list as well as top pharmaceutical content and clear effectiveness for women. work hard and love your skin. Gluta BrightSkin pills are truly the "key" that women are looking for. The product not only helps whiten and brighten, reduce dark spots, but also helps balance female hormones, making women completely beautiful from the inside out.

Gluta BrightSkin genuine Dong Thao Nam skin whitening pills

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