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Is it good to drink DTHT every day? And pay attention when using

Cordyceps is considered one of Vietnam's great tonic medicines. With natural pharmaceuticals that are safe for consumers' health. However, many people wonder if drinking cordyceps every day is good? Please refer to the article below!

Is drinking cordyceps every day good?

This is the concern of many people, whether they should drink cordyceps regularly or not. Will that have any consequences? Because this medicinal herb has too many nutrients, if used too expensive, it will cause many people to have side effects. In fact, not only cordyceps but any medicinal herb, if used incorrectly, it will completely cause unwanted side effects.

Accordingly, some people believe that cordyceps can be good for the kidneys, reducing deterioration and damage in this area. However, if overused, it can completely cause weakness. In more severe cases, you may also experience conditions such as nausea, diarrhea, and abdominal discomfort. That is the harmful effect of uncontrolled dosage. But according to experts, just controlling the dosage well will improve this problem!

Besides, the best way to drink Cordyceps depends on the type of product you use. Currently this medicinal herb is processed into many forms, in the form of fresh fibers, dried, powdered or prepared in the form of pills or liquid. Cordyceps functional foods often have clear dosages so you can easily control them. As for pure forms, you should not use more than 1,000 - 3,000 mg to prevent unwanted side effects from occurring.

In short, to ensure safety before use, you should consult with doctors or pharmacists who are knowledgeable about medicinal herbs to better understand your health status and make appropriate adjustments. fit. If you want to use cordyceps safely, you can refer to some functional foods that have been produced at Dong Thao Nam!

Notes when using cordyceps

As mentioned, although cordyceps can bring many benefits to users. So it is necessary to ensure proper use, right dosage, and right target. Although it has many good nutrients, not everyone can use this medicinal herb. So who is cordyceps not suitable for?

For women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, not using cordyceps ensures absolute safety for both mother and child.

The person has an open wound and is bleeding. People who are preparing for surgery. The use of cordyceps may affect the body's natural blood clotting process. Therefore, one person who should no longer use this product is people with blood clotting disorders.

People with autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis, scarlet fever, and rheumatoid arthritis should be careful when using the product because it can increase the activity of the immune system, making these symptoms more serious. .

People with high fever should not abuse cordyceps medicine

In addition, you should also pay attention to the following problems when using cordyceps

With pure herbs, you should not boil them for too long, this will cause the nutrients to be lost

Do not combine cordyceps with other herbs

Priority is given to using glass or ceramic boxes to preserve cordyceps

Do not use immediately after eating or before going to bed

Make sure you can buy pure cordyceps at reputable establishments with clear brands on the market. If you do not have experience buying cordyceps, you should go with experienced people to get the best support.

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