Bright, smooth, white skin is what everyone desires. However, melasma and dark spots can appear for many reasons. Using skin whitening pills is an effective solution for whitening the face and body from within that is trusted by many beauty enthusiasts. If you are still wondering about using skin whitening pills or have not chosen a product that suits your needs, don't skip the article below for the most suitable suggestions from Dong Thao Nam. !

1. Gluta BrightSkin

Ranked first in the top 5 skin whitening pills chosen by many customers is Gluta BrightSkin from Dong Thao Nam.

2. Glutathione ingredient of skin whitening pills is up to 9000mg, higher than other products, to bring quick effects to users. In particular, this is also the most ideal content good for the liver and kidneys.

On the market today, very few pills contain a mixture of herbal extracts, instead they are synthetic vitamins and some chemical ingredients.

Gluta Brightskin is formulated from natural, high-quality, benign ingredients. The product has outstanding uses such as whitening the skin, supporting the removal of toxins from the body, enhancing metabolism, anti-oxidation, and helping the skin become smooth and shiny. Therefore, women have trusted and chosen Gluta BrightSkin with the ingredient glutathione that has the effect of treating melasma from Dong Thao Nam and received results beyond their expectations.

In particular, Dong Thao Nam's Gluta BrightSkin skin whitening pills are also cheaper than other products on the market by taking advantage of natural herbs in Vietnam.

3. Liposomal Glutathione

American Liposomal Glutathione 60-pill whitening pills supplement powerful antioxidants, help protect cells, slow down the aging process, disperse melanin to help prevent melasma, freckles, and brighten skin tone. brilliant.

The product is coated with liposome membrane to help increase absorption efficiency and reduce the risk of side effects on health.

Antioxidant Liposomal Glutathione Code Age pills are manufactured using modern processes and unique technology to help bring high efficiency. The product meets GMP international standards, is non-GMO, non-allergenic, does not contain milk, gluten, soy, colorants, flavors,...

Vita White Plus Japan

Japanese Vita White Plus pills are produced according to an advanced formula, especially effective in beauty, helping to beautify the skin, whiten the skin, support the improvement of melasma and freckles on the skin, and nourish the skin. Smooth, youthful skin from deep within. Vita White Plus ECB2 is a high-end product of KOKANDO, a famous brand in the Japanese market and worldwide.

4. Transino White C

Transino White C Clear 120 pills is a product especially trusted by Asian women. Has received positive reviews from many people.

This product contains active ingredients such as L-Cysteine, vitamin C and several other nutrients. These ingredients have been proven to effectively whiten skin, reduce melanin and dark spots. Transino White C Clear pills are one of the products that many people choose to treat melasma and dark skin.

5. Ivory Caps Glutathione

American skin whitening pill Ivory Caps Glutathione Complex 1500mg is a product line of cosmetic pharmaceutical company ECS Nutrition-USA. Beauty products from within are being used by famous stars around the world. Ivory skin whitening pills are an exclusive patented product in the US.

Glutathione supplement products prevent the oxidation process that causes aging of the body, regenerate new cell tissues to keep the skin healthy and smooth. - Nutrients that act deeply from within eliminate harmful melanin for the skin. Helps treat melasma and freckles effectively. - Helps eliminate and eliminate endogenous and exogenous toxins, heavy metals in the body, and substances that cause skin cancer.

Above are TOP 5 SKIN WHITENING PILLS TRUSTED BY CUSTOMERS today. I hope I can help you choose the most effective and suitable skin whitening pills.

If you need to buy Gluta BrightSkin skin whitening pills, please immediately contact Dong Thao Nam Co., Ltd. - Supplier of quality - genuine Gluta BrightSkin skin whitening pills at affordable prices.