Dong Thao Nam Co., Ltd. specializes in cultivating and supplying Cordyceps and HEALTH PROTECTING FOOD products FROM Cordyceps. Starting from those working in the educational environment, it is clear that proactive health care for each individual and each student's family is very important. Because healthy and happy generations in each family are the foundation of a prosperous and developed country.

      It started with that purpose, then gradually built up over the years. Dong Thao Nam Co., Ltd. was officially established to realize the passion and research of farming to produce safe health care and protection products. Gradually entering the process of cultivating Cordyceps has advantages but also many difficulties. Hundreds of sets of documents are used for reference and learning. Many months of hard work in the culture room. Dozens of times of breeding and culturing failed. But the company members were not discouraged. Even though it was born later than other companies, the competition in price, quality, etc. is not easy for those who are new to farming and production. But every member of Dong Thao Nam still works hard and does not give up because of their belief in the value they bring to the community.

      To get high quality Cordyceps products on the market today, Dong Thao Nam Company always strictly follows all cultivation and processing processes. Control products from the seed import stage. The cultured mushroom strain is the original Cordyceps Militaris NBRC 100741 strain from Japan.

      Cordyceps mushrooms are cultured in an environment that closely resembles the natural fungus in two forms. Raised on silkworm pupae, dragon blood rice, green beans, potatoes, and bean sprouts; coconut water, trace minerals,... and direct seeding into each silkworm pupa host. Then disinfect with UV rays before entering the curing stage in a cold room environment. Cultured materials are screened and selected according to natural and safe criteria. Trace minerals in breeding are from India, the Netherlands, and Germany. The process of culturing, harvesting, freeze-drying according to technology and preserving is completely scientific to maintain high levels of Cordycepin, Adenosine and other medicinal ingredients.

     One-way culture process ensures food hygiene and safety and achieves ISO 22000:2018 - Food safety management system certification. Each batch of Dong Thao Nam Company's health protection foods is produced at a factory that meets GMP standards, and raw materials are tested for quality, pharmaceutical content and nutrition by independent testing organizations. reputation along with product traceability codes.

      Dong Thao Nam Co., Ltd. has been launching product lines from fresh, dried, powdered Cordyceps, soaked in alcohol, soaked in honey, Cordyceps - Ginseng drinking packs; Cordyceps Red Ginseng soluble powder. Currently, the company is continuing to research and produce at large factories to produce a variety of health protection products, suitable for consumer trends such as: Cordyceps Collagen water; Skin whitening pills, hormone booster,...

     Using health protection products derived from nature and close to nature is a trend. Currently, Cordyceps is a health care product with many outstanding medicinal properties researched and proven by scientists. Used widely, regularly and for a long time by everyone.

      With our working principle, we confidently bring to users Cordyceps products that are good in quality, high in content, satisfying the community not only in quality but also in price. Dong Thao Nam Co., Ltd. would like to thank you for trusting and using our Cordyceps products. Your trust is the driving force to help Dong Thao Nam company staff continue to further improve quality and diversify products to suit the PROACTIVE HEALTH CARE needs of every family. family.